ZKasino is officially live on Mainnet with USDC and BUSD support

ZKasino, the emerging on-chain casino, recently announced its official mainnet launch. Players can now access the betting platform on Polygon using USDC and BNB Chain using BUSD.

The platform has released a 100,000 dollars free-to-enter lottery to celebrate the launch. Seeing how the casino is available on two of the most popular chains, the launch is already attracting huge traction.

Besides this, ZKasino is also intriguing players with its unique features. Unlike most online crypto casinos, ZKasino does not require any KYC or mandatory deposits or withdrawals. Players can simply connect and bet on the games using their wallets.

Since its bet results are backed by Chainlink VRF, users can easily review them for absolute certainty. Audited by CertiK, the gambling platform boasts an unbiased reputation. It does not possess any smart contract security vulnerability, ensuring complete data and funds safety.

The latest post by ZKasino also mentions that the platform has started with 100,000 dollars on both chains. It is capping the maximum bets via the Kelly criterion to maintain stability and fairness. With time, the bankroll will be increased to facilitate bigger bets.

Players and stakeholders should keep a close eye on the bankroll, especially for its upcoming token. Staked ZKasino token owners and bankroll LPs can capture the earnings produced by the protocol. 

ZKasino has notified users that the gas fees being charged on the platform are due to the Chainlink VRF fees. Since this fee can be calculated only after making the request, the starting gas fee seems to be higher than actual spending. Over 80% of the gas fees per transaction are likely to be returned to the players. 

Despite the mainnet being officially released, users can still face some discrepancies. However, the platform aims to expand itself on ZK Rollups, like zkEVM, zkBNB, zkSync, and StarkNet, as they are released. 


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