What is Avalaunch? $XAVA

Avalaunch is the first-of-its-kind launchpad in the Avalanche network that facilitates easy and secure decentralized fundraising for blockchain projects. 

Becoming a developer in the blockchain industry is one thing. Marketing your projects and sourcing for investors is yet another uphill task. A project, whether it’s in decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or metaverse is as good as its ability to reach a wide audience. Blockchain projects need to reach a wider audience and get into the wallets of as many users as fast as possible. 

How do amateur developers in the blockchain achieve this? 

Avalaunch promises a seamless, secure, fast, and low-cost launchpad to propel upcoming projects to maximum potential. 

In this article, we will discuss the Avalaunch, XAVA token and its applicability while providing insights on critical investment decisions on the Avalaunch platform. 

What is Avalaunch? 

Avalaunch is the first-of-its-kind launchpad in the Avalanche network that facilitates easy and secure decentralized fundraising for blockchain projects. 

It’s not a walk in the park trying to sell your blockchain projects out there. Without a doubt, the presence of a community with similar and well-aligned priorities offers much-needed relief. This is what Avalauch offers to developers and upcoming projects.

It allows developers to target a wider audience while launching their blockchain protocols and token in the Avalanche platform.  

Avalaunch launchpad is a win-win situation for developers and investors. In this case, developers deploy their early-stage projects in the Avalaunch for the Public Token Sale at a discounted price. On the hand, investors are empowered to invest at relatively low prices in blockchain projects. Avalaunch provides the capital developers require to continue developing and improving their protocols. Investors see potential high returns on investments (ROI) from their project shares. 

Avalaunch goals are well-aligned with early communities offering them a perfect opportunity to upscale their operations.

What does Avalaunch offer? 

  • High-level network security 
  • Reasonably priced transaction fee
  • High throughput 
  • A perfect social community for developers and investors
  • Near-instant finality 
  • Fair token distribution mechanism 
  • Distinctive user experience

How does Avalaunch work?

Would you like to join the Avalaunch fundraising community? 

Investors and participants need to own and stake XAVA in the Avalaunch to participate in the public token sales. Staking XAVA on Avalaunch comes with more XAVA token rewards. Additionally, depending on the amount of XAVA stake, you are entitled to an allocation on launchpad projects in the Avalaunch. However, a cap is set on the maximum number of XAVA tokens users can purchase. 

Once a token sale is announced in the Avalaunch, participants are expected to register for the sale. It takes approximately 10-20 hours for the buyers to purchase once the market is opened. Projects vary in the Avalaunch; therefore, it may take up to a week for the tokens to be released to the users. It can be dones in small portions or as a one-off release. 

Follow these steps to participate in the Avalaunch token sale;

  1. Sign up & KYC 

To participate in Avalaunch, first and foremost, you begin by registering on the platform. This will be followed with the normal KYC routine. 

However, it is possible to stake and earn XAVA tokens without registering. 

  1. Wallet verification 

After submitting your KYC details and completing registration, your need to verify your wallet.

This is critical since it is the only wallet facilitating your sales within the platform. 

  1. Stake XAVA

Staking XAVA tokens helps participants earn IDOs allocation. Even without participating in the sales, you can still earn through XAVA staking.

  1. Register for sale 

As you register, make sure to confirm participation in the sale. Otherwise, you will be locked out until the subsequent sale. This process allows you to activate the sales process. 

Platform fees

The Avalaunch participants pay a certain fee to use the platform. However, this is paid to users who previously had staked XAVA tokens as a reward. 

What is XAVA token?

It is the primary utility token for the Avalaunch. XAVA allows users to stake in the Avalaunch network to facilitate sales. According to Avalabs developers, there are more regular updates on the tokens to relieve the pressure on token holders. 

As of the time of writing, the XAVA token is trading at $0.178896. The 24-hour trading volume stands at $353,556, which translates to a 2.58% market rise in the last 24 hours. The total market cap of the XAVA coins stands at 100,000,000. XAVA token is currently ranked #2951 in the CoinMarketCap. (Data source: CoinMarketCap)

XAVA token allocation

XAVA token distribution is so straightforward. However, only 33% of the 100,000,000 XAVA tokens have been allocated for sale. With 21% of the total tokens going to the foundation. 32% of the XAVA tokens go to the ecosystem, 9% to the partners and 5% to the platform’s liquidity. 

How to benefit from XAVA in the Avalaunch platform? 

The Avalaunch allows users to earn XAVA rewards in two ways; 

  • Liquidity provision
  • Initial DEX offering (IDO) allocation through staking

The participants are rewarded through deposit fees, ecosystem rewards, IDOs allocation, and allocation fees. 

XAVA token sale 

The XAVA token sale is split into the following;

Private round: 18.975M XAVA tokens priced at $0.035

Seed round: 14.025M XAVA tokens priced at $0.02

How do you mine XAVA?

Avalaunch allows participants to stake XAVA fox XAVA tokens rewards for a 39% APY return for the miners. 

Is XAVA a good investment?

The information provided in this article outlines a detailed description of the features and the applicability of the XAVA token and the Avalaunch platform. Before making an investment decision, there are other critical touchpoints to consider. Usually, ensure to get the right amount of information before making any investment decision. 

It is important to note the following key touchpoints;

  • Avalaunch is a new evolving concept in the Avalanche blockchain. However, it is expected to nurture and house potential projects within the Avalanche network. We expect it to keep growing and improving over time.
  • Avalaunch values its users. Participants can earn up to 39% rewards for the tokens stake before participating in IDOs. The users can progressively continue staking on other listed projects. 
  • Data from the Avalaunch platform illustrates that investors have, in some projects, earned more than 2,500% from their investments. The ROI is a critical part while making any investment decision. Despite being a newcomer, XAVA has a huge potential to grow. 

Final word 

Several blockchain platforms have been regularly labelled as slow, costly and sophisticated. As such, they tend to lock amateurs out of contention. Avalaunch promises a seamless decentralized fund drive launch pad that places beginners and advanced developers at the same level.

Not only does Avalaunch draw investors to high-potential projects, but it also provides much-needed capital for the developers. Developed by Avalabs, with the developers in mind, Avalaunch provides a reasonably priced, fast, and secure alternative. 

I hope you have learned all you need to know about Avalaunch and XAVA!


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