VDMA, ZVEI and Deutsche Messe announce joint staging of the “Industrial Wireless Arena + 5G Networks & Applications” at HANNOVER MESSE 2023

Hannover, Germany. Connectivity is at the heart of digital transformation in all sectors of our economy and society. Wireless communication systems offer enormous opportunities for flexible, scalable connectivity tailored to the specific needs of industry, opening up unimagined opportunities. At HANNOVER MESSE 2023, the three partners VDMA, ZVEI and Deutsche Messe will be jointly presenting the “Industrial Wireless Arena + 5G Networks & Applications” to provide a practical illustration of how it all works.

Use cases to feature as practical showcases

VDMA is represented by the Wireless Communications for Machines Working Group (AG WCM), while ZVEI is represented by 5G-ACIA, and Deutsche Messe is contributing its 5G Smart Venue as a campus network to the project. The goal of the three partners is to feature practical use cases in order to demonstrate which innovations already exist in the field of wireless technologies, which technologies can be applied concretely, and which require further development for the future. The technological framework at Deutsche Messe’s 5G Smart Venue at HANNOVER MESSE provides the ideal setting for this. Using the networks provided by 5G-ACIA and AG WCM, different people and companies as well as the research community come together in a single place, where they can exchange their previous experiences as well as their visions for the future.

Added value through cross-sector dialogue

“Wireless communication systems are going to be among the most important building blocks on the road to the digital transformation of industry in the coming years. Much of the success lies in strengthening a cross-industry dialogue, which ensures that the specifics and needs of industry are taken into account in every possible way. The ‘Industrial Wireless Arena + 5G Networks & Applications’ brings together all stakeholders of this young community like no other event, offering interested parties a unique opportunity to be part of this innovative force,” declares Dr. Reinhard Heister, Managing Director of the VDMA Wireless Communications for Machines Working Group.

“Industrial 5G for Industry 4.0: At the next HANNOVER MESSE, what belongs together will come together, enabling greater efficiency, flexibility and also productivity. The technological foundations – developed by the 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA) – are now in place and can be applied worldwide. For the market upswing that is now imminent, it is important to demonstrate the interplay of industrial 5G and Industry 4.0 to the relevant target groups in a vivid way – HANNOVER MESSE offers the perfect setting for this,” explains Gunther Koschnick, Head of Industry at ZVEI.

Marcus Eibach, Head of Smart Venue and 5G & Technology Innovations at Deutsche Messe, says: “The synergies created by the union of the three partners in wireless network technologies are of the highest quality at HANNOVER MESSE. Global industry meets there as a potential customer for wireless technologies. All the key partners, companies and associations are centrally located in one place for a single week and can experience the all-important knowledge transfer and networking in a direct, use case-centered environment.”


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