Tropicana Implosion Coming in 2025

Major League Baseball has approved the move of the Oakland Athletics. That means a Tropicana implosion is set for 2025. But how the hell does one affect the other? Well, if you have not been paying attention to what’s been going on in Las Vegas this past year, we will take a moment to explain it.

First, the Oakland A’s wanted a new home. Their current stadium is a dilapidated mess. Las Vegas already took the Raiders from Oakland, so naturally they siezed on this opportunity and offered to build the A’s a new stadium. That’s all it took.

A few months ago, Las Vegas approved the funding for that new baseball stadium. Then just last month the MLB approved the move of the team from Oakland to Vegas. That means that the new stadium will need to be built… and that leads up to the Tropicana implosion.

Yes, the new stadium is set to be built right where the Tropicana stands now. Word has it that the building will see its last guests in late 2024 or early 2025. The new baseball stadium is set to open in 2028. That leaves a three year window to get the damn thing built.

No official date has been announced for the Tropicana implosion, but the resort has stood at its current location for over 66 years. The new stadium will be temperature controlled and swat 30,000 fans, which is on the smaller side for professional baseball.

Still, another professional sports team is headed for Sin City. That should not only add to traffic and congestion, but could push prices higher around town. The more they add, the more expensive things get… and let’s not forget the pay raises for those 50,000 workers who threatened to strike recently. You know where they will get that money, right?


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