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Rolex Sues Children's Clock Maker

Luxury watch manufacturer Rolex has sued a small company in England over fears that consumers might conflate the two brands.

According to the BBC, Oyster & Pop, which makes clocks designed to help children learn to tell time, received a letter from Rolex’s lawyers.

Representatives for the company asked Oyster & Pop to change its name to avoid confusion with the Rolex line of Oyster Perpetual watches.

“Consumers will inevitably be misled into thinking that your products emanate from Rolex,” the letter reads.

Oyster & Pop called the letter “nonsense” and accused Rolex’s lawyers of being “bullish.”

The business, which started in 2020 and sells a variety of educational products, is named after a road near where its co-founders grew up.

Oyster & Pop’s educational clocks sell online in the U.S. for about $25.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches sell for prices ranging from $5,800 to $6,400.


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