‘REAL BULLISH’: Fund manager says this oil stock is primed

A global oil stock has been identified as a prime “asymmetric” investment opportunity by a prominent Hedge Fund manager.

Chris MacIntosh, who runs Glenorchy Capital, has outlined why he believes Forum Energy Technologies (NYSE: FET) could achieve a return of more than 300% from its current price.

“It’s an international oilfield products company, serving the subsea, drilling, completion, production, and infrastructure sectors of the oil and natural gas industry,” MacIntosh said.

“Recent commentary in earnings releases suggests that earnings are picking up fast with drilling activity.”

Oil Stock
The Forum Energy Technologies chart shows its share price well down from 2014 highs.

‘Beautiful’ chart

MacIntosh points to a chart that shows Forum in what he believes is a “beautiful, 18-month old trading range breakout”.

“As we have said on many occasions, the longer the trading range and the tighter the range the greater the duration and magnitude of the breakout.”

Oil Stock
Chris MacIntosh says this tight trading range shows Forum is primed for a breakout.

Standout industry performer

MacIntosh has also highlighted a chart that shows forum has recently outperformed the broader oil services ETF dramatically.

“Clearly something really bullish is going on here,” he said.

Oil Stock
Chart showing the performance of Forum Energy Technologies against an Oil industry ETF.

MacIntosh believes the stock is an interesting stock to “buy and hold”, but says he does not advocate exceeding 2% of capital in any one position.

Where else could you invest?

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