Power Min says 39 hydro projects under implementation; 9 stalled

As many as 39 hydro projects totalling 14,623.5 MW capacity are under implementation in the country while nine out of these are stalled, Parliament was informed on Thursday. In a written reply to the Lok Sabha, Power Minister R K Singh said steps are being taken by developers/government for revival of the stalled projects.

“39 Hydro Electric Projects (above 25 MW) aggregating to 14,623.5 MW are under implementation in the country. Out of these, 30 projects aggregating to 13,387.5 MW are under active construction and likely to be commissioned by 2026-27 and 9 projects aggregating to 1,236 MW are presently stalled (as on December 31, 2022),” Singh said.

In order to fast-track the development of HEPs in northeastern region, a basin-wise indication of projects has been undertaken by CPSUs, he said.

As on December 31, 2022, total 211 HEPs aggregating to an installed capacity of 46,850.15 MW were in operation in the country, he added.

In another reply to the House, Singh said that at present, there are 30 large HEPs with aggregate installed capacity of 11,137.50 MW which are being developed in the Himalayan belt across different states in the country.

Out of these, 23 projects totalling 10,381.5 MW are under active construction and seven HEPs totalling 756 MW are held up, Singh said adding that besides, there are 87 operational HEPs with an aggregate installed capacity of 22,982 MW in the Himalayan belt across different states.

He told the House that the land subsidence in Joshimath is a very old issue. It was observed way back in 1976, when M C Mishra committee appointed by the UP government submitted its report examining reasons for the instability of the land. Out of 30 under-construction projects, only two, namely Phata Byung (76MW) and Tapovan Vishnugad (520 MW) located in Uttarakhand were impacted due to natural events such as floods/avalanche in the last 10 years, Singh stated.

No large hydro power project lies in the close proximity of Joshimath town, he informed the House adding that the nearest power project, Tapovan Vishnugad HEP is also far away from the site where subsidence took place in recent past.

Tapovan Vishnugad HEP remains unaffected from the subsidence in Joshimath. However, the district administration issued an order on January 5, 2023 to stop the construction activities at the project site until further orders, he stated.


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