Online Casinos in Maryland and Maine Fail

Some of us were really hoping for an expansion of online gambling in America. Specifically, the regulation of online casinos in Maryland and Maine, among other states. But as usual, politics got in the way.

On April 8th, the Maryland General Assembly concluded its session without taking any action on internet gambling.  The setback is significant for the state, which was seen as having some of the best odds for expanding gambling options. And while online casinos in Maryland have failed, the state was not alone. Ten days after the Georgia General Assembly adjourned without legalizing online sports betting. Bummer, eh?

Turning our attentions to Maine, a bill that aimed to authorize online casinos for the state’s tribes failed to gain approval in the House, though it was forwarded to the Senate anyways. However, the following day, the Senate opted not to pass the proposal and instead voted to postpone the issue, leaving open the possibility of revisiting it before the session’s end. Another bummer.

So what happened? Well first, online casinos in Maryland were upstaged by debate on historical horse racing. Additionally, if legislators did considered online gambling on the last day of sessions, it would have produced a referendum with no framework that could not have gone before voters for approval.

Meanwhile, lawmakers in Maine struggled with the idea of making casino games available to state resident, with Republican Senator Jeff Timberlake one of many voting against the online gambling measures. He stated that doing so would allow people can sit at home and play slot machines on their computer all day, and he did not think that was the right thing to do. No word on why he believes he’s qualifies to make moral and financial decisions for people.