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How to Sell Clothes Online

Selling clothes online can be a solid income stream if done right, as you can sell everyday clothing at great prices. In addition, there is a growing demand for secondhand designer goods in children’s clothing, women’s clothing, and men’s clothing items. With many marketplace platforms emerging, there is definitely an opportunity to sell clothes at a profit. We’ll walk you through how to start selling clothes online and making money.

The Clothing Resale Market in 2023

Vintage clothing and designer brands have always been in demand within the resale clothing market. However, many have also started to sell everyday clothing items as there is more need for secondhand goods.

The clothing resale market is projected to grow in 2023 as demand for high-quality secondhand items increases.

Platforms such as Poshmark, eBay, Depop, and Mercari have seen steady customer growth as more people opt for secondhand clothing rather than buying new items at a clothing store.


Why Should You Consider Selling Clothes Online?

Whether you have unwanted clothes or a good eye for picking up rare items at a thrift store, selling clothes online can be very lucrative. Here are some of the top reasons to consider selling clothes online for extra cash:

1. Get rid of unwanted items: If you have clothes that you do not wear, you can sell your clothes and gain some cash rather than letting them go waste.

2. Sustainability: Many consumers are opting for second-hand as buying used clothes is a more sustainable option versus purchasing new clothes.

3. Demand: As inflation soars, there is greater demand for mass-market brands sold at competitive prices as people look for ways to save money. You can set your own price on high-demand items and make money when the item sells.

How to Sell Clothing Online

There are many ways to sell old clothes and new designer items online. Luckily, selling clothes online is relatively easy, and you can start immediately. Here’s how.

how to sell clothes online

Find and photograph the clothes you want to sell

The first step to selling your items is to identify what you would like to sell. The possibilities are endless for selling online, and some of the items you could sell include:

  • Women’s clothing
  • Men’s clothing
  • Kids clothing
  • Designer handbags
  • Fine jewelry and costume jewelry
  • Designer clothes
  • Fine art and home decor

Once you have identified what type of item you want to sell, you will need to take photos of the items. Aim to take at least 3-4 pictures from different angles so buyers can see exactly what they are buying.

List the item on resale platforms

After taking photos, you must make an account on resale platforms and list the item. Each platform has different seller fees and shipping costs, so you must consider that when deciding where to list.

Set your price

Once you have uploaded your item on the platform, you will need to set your price. Again, it’s essential to consider what prices other clothing sellers offer and what you will need to pay in fees and shipping when deciding on the price. Once you have settled on a number, you can list the item as available for purchase.

Ship the item once it sells

Items can sell very quickly in some cases, and in others, it can take some time. Once your item is purchased, you will need to get a prepaid shipping label with the buyer’s address and send them the item.

Transfer money to your bank account

Once the buyer has confirmed they have received the item, you will receive your money (after fees) and transfer it to your account.


Top Tips for Successfully Selling Clothes Online

You can sell many different types of items online, so you do not have to feel limited to just clothes. However, selling online has its own unique challenges, so here are some tips for selling so that you can start getting buyers in faster:

Take good photos: The number one piece of advice for selling clothes online successfully is to take good pictures. Buyers should know exactly what they are purchasing, and they will feel more confident when the listing has multiple high-quality photos.

Provide details: Your item description should be comprehensive and include all the information someone might need when deciding to buy. This means including details on sizing, highlighting flaws or issues, shipping times and cost, and anything else buyers should know.

Calculate a minimum sale price: Each resale platform has different pricing, so you must calculate a fixed price that gives you a good margin while accounting for cost. In addition, some platforms have shipping included in the listing price, while others allow you to set your own, so take some time to research the platform and what’s available.

Ship fast: Once buyers pay for the item, it is on the seller to ship immediately. Check with your postal service to see if they offer services such as free in-home pickup or discounts on shipping costs if you mail items out in bulk. The key is to ship items right away to ensure the buyer leaves you a good review.

Promote your items: If you want to grow your business, there is a social media component to consider. Creating an Instagram or Facebook page for your items can be instrumental in promoting them and getting more buyers to visit your page on resale platforms.


Best Places to Sell Clothes Online

If you want to create your own online consignment shop, quite a few platforms are available. Many platforms enable you to create your own online store to sell items with a flat commission fee and options for shipping. Some of the best places to sell clothes online include:

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is the best option if you want to sell clothes online and sell to people in your area. Facebook Marketplace allows you to sell kinds of items at a low starting price. People can opt to have you ship the item to them after purchasing, or you can arrange to meet them in person.


Poshmark is similar to consignment stores in that people can sell mass-market brands, designer clothing, and even vintage clothing on the platform. Poshmark takes a 20% fee on items sold and adds an additional shipping fee to the final selling price when items are purchased. The platform includes a free shipping label automatically generated after purchase which sellers can affix to packages and ship items to buyers.


Mercari is a marketplace platform that operates similarly to other online consignment stores such as Poshmark. With Mercari, sellers can sell clothing such as kid’s clothes, women’s clothes, and men’s clothes, and the resale price will include shipping. Mercari also allows you to sell other items, such as home goods and artwork.


eBay is the biggest resale site in the world, with many great tools for sellers. On eBay, you can sell all kinds of items, including designer items, high-end classic menswear and womenswear, and more. The sales price is set by sellers, as well as the shipping price. And with eBay’s global shipping program, sellers can expand to an international audience and ship items worldwide.


Depop operates similarly to Poshmark and Mercari, enabling sellers to list items that buyers can purchase, from clothing to home goods. Depop allows you to set your own shipping prices and has a nominal transaction fee for each purchase.

Buffalo Exchange

You can sell your items to a Buffalo Exchange location, but they also offer other convenient items. Buffalo Exchange has a sell-by-mail program that will send a prepaid shipping bag that can fit up to 40 items. Once Buffalo Exchange receives the items, they will pay a flat fee in cash or store credit for the items. You don’t need to worry about selling the items to buyers or shipping costs, as Buffalo Exchange handles that part.


Tradesy operates similarly to Buffalo Exchange. You can request a free Tradesy shipping kit, and they will send everything you need to ship your items. However, there is greater demand for designer pieces such as Louis Vuitton and other high-end brands, and Tradesy will pay you a flat fee for the items and handle the selling part on their end.

What Is the Easiest Way to Sell Clothes Online?

The easiest way to sell clothes online is to use a platform such as Poshmark or eBay if you want to set your own prices and be responsible for shipping. Tradesy and Buffalo Exchange are great options if you would prefer to receive a flat fee for the items and let them handle selling and shipping on their end.

What Is a Good Price to Sell Clothes?

The price set for selling clothing will depend on the brand (e.g., high-end versus mass market) and should consider shipping costs, platform fees (if applicable), and any materials you might need to ship the item, such as envelopes or boxes.

What Is the Best Online Site to Sell Clothes?

The best site to sell clothes online is eBay, as it attracts a global audience, meaning you can sell to domestic and international customers.

Is Selling Clothes Online Worth It?

Selling clothes online can be worth it if you price the items competitively and offer various shipping options. In addition, there is increasing demand for handmade and vintage items, especially wedding dresses, which could be a lucrative source of income if you can source these items.

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