How to Give Bitcoin or Another Cryptocurrency as a Gift Using BitCard

PRESS RELEASE. As Bitcoin and crypto grows in its appeal and global use by individuals, businesses and merchants from all places and corners of the world, the desire for them also increases. Now, perhaps more than any other time in history, digital currencies like BTC, ETH and others, are in demand.

The internet has been actively progressing into underlying web 3 standards, and digital assets are increasingly utilized as the underlying money employed by various virtual platforms. The news and media are reporting about crypto more, people are becoming more aware, and therefore interest in crypto seems to be brewing, even as regulatory standards are being formed real-time.

As People Gain Understanding, Crypto Gains Further Adoption

As with all new concepts, as public education and awareness of cryptocurrencies steadily increases, fear and uncertainty around crypto is being settled for many. As a result, more people are becoming willing to interact with cryptocurrencies for their utility within digital ecosystems, trading, investing, alternative payment processing and more.

As more people and businesses begin using crypto themselves, they are also beginning to share them at a greater rate with others. Bitcoin gift cards have arisen as a popular method of sharing BTC and other popular cryptocurrencies with friends, family, co-workers, clients, staff and others.

Why Bitcoin Gift Cards Are Growing In Popularity

BTC gift cards have increased in their draw and popularity since first reaching the market in the early 2010’s. Now, with more than a decade on the market, gift cards with denominations redeemable in BTC, ETH, and even stablecoins like USDC others, the overall proposition has been implemented, and furthermore developed, by platforms like BitCard®.

BitCard® is a US-based BTC gift card distributor and B2B supplier that gives the end user several ways to take advantage of BTC gift cards for themselves personally, or to gift others individually, or even in an effort to build or expand existing loyalty and rewards programs. Over the last decade-plus several companies have looked for ways to implement gift cards purchased and furnished with digital assets to satisfy the desire many have to gift with alternative means than other traditional methods.

Additional Ways To Gift With Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

While it isn’t very attractive in terms of the packaging, people can always elect to send cryptocurrency directly to others they wish to gift as an alternative to putting the crypto in gift card form. While it isn’t the most sophisticated way of giving, the desire to produce a gift that one has genuine interest in would be accomplished by such means.

In addition to sending BTC or other cryptos directly, crypto could also be put into other forms in order to accomplish the goal. NFTs and other on-chain digital assets can sometimes be relatively less-impacted by the volatility typically associated with the cryptocurrency market in general. This means that as Bitcoin price fluctuates, or any other associated digital asset, the value of the gift could remain at or near the original dollar value of the intended gift – or in some cases, increase.

Although it involves the same method of gifting with gift cards, some platforms such as BitCard® enable the end user to not only gift in physical cards but also digitally produced Bitcoin gift cards as well. While the effect may be different, particulars such as borderless, global and near-instant transmission could prove to be immensely beneficial in some instances.

More Than Gifting

Not only can crypto be loaded onto gift cards, but BTC and additional cryptocurrencies can also be implemented in customer loyalty, employee incentives, and other rewards programs. Even in this form, crypto could still be seen as a gift, as it is given to individuals, customers, clients or others as a reward, bonus, or incentive.

As cryptocurrency continues to be used on a global scale at an increased rate by businesses and individuals throughout the world, perhaps even more methods of gifting will be developed and one day become mainstream gifting alternatives. For now, crypto and BTC gift cards, crypto itself, crypto converted into other forms, and rewards, loyalties and incentives are the most popular ways to give the gift of crypto for most.




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