HKFP Lens: ‘Set sail again’ – Jackson Lee’s hyper-realistic paintings embody wishes for Hong Kong in 2023

Award-winning artist Jackson Lee has shared with HKFP his series of hyper-realistic paintings, depicting scenes from across Hong Kong. His work will be showcased in an exhibition running from Saturday to January 15 at the Central Library Exhibition Hall 2-3.

Ready to Go. By: Jackson Lee.

Born in the city, Lee studied art and design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He has had over 18 solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Kunming, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Seoul, Tokyo, and Singapore.

Lee’s latest show includes five new pieces of artwork – each took no less than five months to create.

Striving for success. By Jackson Lee.

“All of them were embedded with my daily wishes and prayers for Hong Kong to uphold our strengths and morale and not giving-up hope even under the adverse conditions,” Lee told HKFP.

“Soon after my last ‘Hong Kong In a Fresh Light ‘ series solo paintings exhibition held in January 2019, Hong Kong people have gone through difficult times, lasting for an unexpected long period. As an artist, my belief is not to let any external conditions stop me from moving forward. I continued with my work of creating new paintings under ‘Hong Kong In a Fresh Light series’.”

Stability. By: Jackson Lee.

Two of the artist’s new works feature the buffalo sculptures in Central, which, to Lee, “pay tribute to the persevering and hardworking personality of the buffaloes and their contributions to agriculture and mankind.”

“I aim to express my appreciation for the distinctive appearance of the buffalos which give an impression of firmness and security… Besides, the animals have always been an auspicious symbol of a rising and fly up trend in the economy and stock market,” said Lee.

The artist’s latest series also feature the pair of lion sculptures at the entrance of the HSBC headquarters, Lee they were part of Hong Kong’s “golden memory.”

Guarding. By: Jackson Lee.

“The pair of lions are like awakening guardians of Hong Kong, which have witnessed many of the city’s ups and downs through the years .”

Lee’s artwork also embodied his wish for Hong Kong people in the new year, he said.

Awakening. By: Jackson Lee.

“Whenever I am at the waterfront, I found boats setting sail as usual. With my painting themed ‘Set sail again’, I wish that Hong Kong people [will] set sail again in 2023.”

Set Sail Again. By: Jackson Lee.

Through the exhibition, Lee hoped that visitors will be “moved, touched, and inspired” by the positive energy in his work.

“I like to express my gratitude to collectors who have lent me my earlier paintings to make possible this exhibition as a rare presentation of the full collection of 33 paintings under the ‘Hong Kong In a Fresh Light’ Series.”

Rooted in Survival. By: Jackson Lee.
Never Give Up. By: Jackson Lee.
Live in Plenty. By: Jackson Lee.
Enjoyment. By: Jackson Lee.
Contentment. By: Jackson Lee.
A Rewarding Journey. By: Jackson Lee.
Jackson Lee at work. Photo: Supplied.

Visit Lee’s website or Facebook for more.

Jackson Lee’s exhibition. Photo: Supplied.

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