Google intends to provide greater clarity for European consumers

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 31 ― Under pressure from the European Union, Google has committed to providing clearer and more accurate information regarding its various online products and services, in compliance with the consumer protection rules in force in Europe. Whether it’s buying smartphones or booking flights and hotel rooms, Google will be required to ensure greater transparency.

Google has committed to giving consumers in Europe clearer information. This will soon give rise to changes to the Google Store, the Play Store and Google Hotels and Flights. The aim is to ensure that consumers who use these services to make purchases, book vacations or read reviews are provided with clear and comprehensive information.

The American company has promised to make it clearer to consumers whether they are entering into a contract directly with Google or whether it is acting as an intermediary for its Flights and Hotels booking services. Other information will also have to be made clear, such as the price used as a benchmark for discounts, or the fact that reviews are not verified on Google Hotels. In general, Google will have to align itself with the other major booking platforms as far as price and availability information is concerned.

In the case of the Google Store and Google Play Store, delivery costs, the right of withdrawal and the availability of repair or replacement options should be more clearly stated. Google will also have to make it easier to contact the company in case of a complaint, by providing the company name, address and contact information (eg, a hotline or an email address).

These changes are expected to be phased in over the coming weeks and months. ― ETX Studio


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