Ex-wife of preacher PU Abu reveals harassment, issues final warning to him

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 16 — Local entrepreneur Hana Azraa, who’s also the ex-wife of PU Abu, is asking the preacher to stop bothering her with calls and messages.

This is following her now-expired Instagram Stories over the weekend where Hana asked her ex-husband to stop bombarding her with ‘get back together’ messages.

Hana shared a few screenshots of Abu’s messages, along with a list of missed calls from the preacher, who is currently back with his first wife, Ain Afini.

Hana, whose real name is Nurhannah Azra Mohd Zakir, said that the screenshots will act as her final warning towards the controversial preacher.

Talking to Harian Metro, Hana revealed that she no longer has any feelings for Abu due to what happened between them and she only sees him as the father of their child, Muhammad Uwais Al-Mateen.

Hana added that she had tried to keep a low profile all this time as she doesn’t want to prolong the issue between them. She alleged that Abu has been ruthless in his efforts to reconcile.

“I’ve tried asking him nicely, but it fell on deaf ears. With the revelation via my Insta Stories, I hope he can understand and stop bothering me.

“I’m fine with communicating with him about the matters of our child only, without catching any feelings,” she said.

According to Hana, she wants to focus on raising her children in her own way and doesn’t want to look back.

“Whatever has happened, let it all just be a memory and I pray that it won’t happen again.

“I don’t want any problems with anyone. My past mistake is enough,” Hana said.

Meanwhile, PU Abu said via a now-expired Instagram Story that he will keep quiet on the issue while apologising to his followers.

According to Abu, whose real name is Abu Sufyan, his first wife Ain was not involved in the matter and the issue was between him and Hana only.

This isn’t the first time since their divorce that Abu was called out by Hana on social media. It was widely reported in November last year that Hana issued a similar warning to Abu on Instagram for not respecting her privacy.

Previously, Hana and Abu made headlines after Abu had taken her as his second wife in May 2019, which led to a conflict with his first wife.

Abu and Hana’s marriage lasted just around a year with the preacher confirming that they divorced in April 2020.

Hana and Abu were blessed with Uwais who was born in February 2020.

Abu is now living with Ain and their two children and it is believed that Ain is currently pregnant with Abu’s third child.


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