Cimu Games integrates Ready’s tech to bring its successful Runestone Keeper game to Web3

Cimu Games has announced that it uses Ready Games web3 game development tools to re-release its million-selling Runestone Keeper. The web3-enabled beta version of the title, which won the Best Gameplay award at the 2014 Unity Awards, will launch in late Q1 on PC, console, and mobile – a first of its kind for web3 gaming.

Cimu Games, whose parent company is Innoteg, is famed for its web2 mobile and console games. Its team believes web3 is the future of gaming and has elected to use Ready’s multi-platform tech stack to enter this growing market sector. 

Josh Furr – Cimu Games Marketing Director, said: “We are thrilled and honored to be a part of Ready’s family of like-minded web3 developers. Our goal is to bring Runestone Keeper to Ready and reward players with valuable game assets and various future games and titles.”

“We are thrilled to enable multi-platform games to enter into web3. With its great history and community, Runestone Keeper is the ideal game for us to partner with to launch our web3 gaming development tools across multiple platforms. Together we can reach more gamers worldwide on PC, console, and mobile and further innovate and expand the web3 gaming experience.” said Christina Macedo, COO of Ready Games.

Ready Games web3 migration platform is already being utilized by six games, with others, including Runestone Keeper, set to onboard in Q1 following the full release of Ready’s tech stack. Runestone Keeper won SlideDb’s “App of the Year” in 2015 before being released to acclaim on Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox. Ready’s tech stack will enable it to be released as a web3-compatible game on PC, mobile, and console.

The beta release of Runestone Keeper is scheduled for March ahead of a full release later in Q2.

About Cimu Games

Cimu Games publishes high-quality games for the global market, focusing on top-tier games for hardcore users and mid-core games for average users. It also ports console games to mobile platforms and assists publishers with their creative visions.

Cimu Games has over 20 years of developing experience with indie, AAA titles, and VR games and provides various services. Aiming to release Chinese AAA titles, Cimu considers originality the heart and soul of a game and believes that web3 will be the lynchpin of games in the future.

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About Ready Games

Ready is creating a collective gaming ecosystem. Within this growing universe, shared ownership, decentralized decision-making, milestone rewards, cross-game utilities, blockchain technology, and NFT-based UGC combine. The result is an improved experience for game developers, players, and content creators.

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