Beating Covid-19 : Bactakleen and SEERS Work Together to Promote Post-Covid-19 Healing Using Innovative, Cutting-Edge Technology

Beating Covid-19 : Bactakleen and SEERS Work Together to Promote Post-Covid-19 Healing Using Innovative, Cutting-Edge Technology

To promote post-Covid-19 healing, Bactakleen, Malaysia’s top antibacterial and disinfection brand, has teamed with SEERS Technology Bhd, a business rooted in manufacturing breakthrough technology in the health and environmental sectors. The firms hope to improve speedier recovery from Covid-19 and other disorders by focusing on repairing patients’ lungs and general respiratory health utilizing cutting-edge and non-invasive medical technologies.

The impact of Covid-19 varies widely from one person to the next. Patients with post-Covid-19 syndrome, often known as ‘long Covid,’ confront a variety of obstacles, ranging from physical symptoms like shortness of breath to cognitive issues including exhaustion and depression. Nearly 20,00 Covid-19 patients in Malaysia had either sought or received follow-up therapy at healthcare facilities as of November 2021.

Bactakleen will provide Covid-19 patients with a range of its products, including the Hydrogen Inhaler and others, in order to aid lung recovery and assist those who had adverse responses to the Covid-19 vaccines. Meanwhile, SEERS will provide non-Covid-19 patients with medical advice on how to treat other prevalent conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and a variety of other health problems.

Bactakleen and SEERS will introduce non-invasive medical equipment in NuGen Health Centres – a chain of private healthcare facilities focused on alternative treatments – around the country to provide these solutions to the masses. A total of ten medically trained experts will be stationed at the centers to help with the administration of the medical devices. Starting at the NuGen Health Centre in Damansara, this expansion is expected to assist about 100,000 people who are currently receiving treatment at health centers for a variety of diseases, including post-Covid-19 effects.

In the words of Sian Ban Ian, CEO and founder of Bactakleen, “In this modern era, diseases have become commonplace in our society. Everyone knows someone who has had Covid-19, cancer, Parkinson’s, Diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses, and the usual way to treat these health problems is via synthetic drugs or radiotherapy, which often results in secondary health problems. In working with SEERS, we aim to use our combined technology, to trigger one’s body to self-heal, without any long lasting negative side-effect.” 

The treatment at the centers will include various medical equipment geared at helping people recover from a variety of conditions, in addition to helping Covid-19 sufferers recover from the negative effects. All medical gadgets are registered with the Ministry of Health as Medical Devices. Among the many important medical gadgets that will be made available at the facilities as a result of the collaboration are:

Atomic Energy Generator: Infuses water with a high concentration of hydrogen, microsizing the water molecules for greater absorption.

Health Energiser: Produces high quantities of hydrogen gas for inhalation, promoting self-healing and reversing aging with ultra-high antioxidants.

Hydrogen Inhaler: This device is designed to aid in the recovery of one’s lungs by improving one’s respiratory system.

Ultra Electron: A negative ion magnetic field and electromagnetic wave generator that sends a pulse into the body to unblock blocked arteries and veins. As a result, vein function is restored, blood circulation is improved, metabolism is boosted, and the immune system is strengthened.

Ultrasound: This device emits ultrasound pulses to help reduce muscle and joint discomfort.

Ian, speaking further, said that, ”As a company that was first aimed at providing pure air, Bactakleen now aims at restoring one’s lung capacity, allowing people to breathe freely again. Although the country is transitioning into an endemic phase, there still exists new waves of infections and the emergence of multiple variants. We believe now is the time to focus our efforts on encouraging the recovery of patients’ respiratory systems and more.”

SEERS has focused on designing and introducing a wide range of products for the health and appliance industries since its founding in 2008. The company has been actively manufacturing medical gadgets that enhance natural wound healing using hydrogen molecules as antioxidants.

“SEERS values have always been innovation and reliability. With this partnership, we are able to put these values to use once again, this time by providing cutting-edge technology that will help in Malaysia’s recovery from the pandemic. We want people to know that they can come to us to improve their health, and provide security to those not only infected by the virus, but also those who fear vaccines due to side effects.” said ​Dato Ken Foo, CEO of SEERS.

This is the first step of the relationship between the two companies, as they work to let all Malaysians breathe freely once more. The organizations plan to expand the use of their non-invasive medical gadgets in other medical centers and facilities later this year in order to benefit more individuals suffering from post-Covid-19 symptoms and other disorders.

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