Bally’s Las Vegas Set to Return

Most people have heard that Las Vegas is getting a baseball team. What is not so well known is how that will bring about the return of Bally’s Las Vegas. Believe it or not, the two events are connected in ways that no one could have imagined a few years ago… and yet, here we are.

First, you must understand that Bally Corporation was not associated with the Bally’s Las Vegas casino, which was owned by Caesars Entertainment. When Caesars decided to rebrand Bally’s as the Horseshoe, they sold the name to Bally Corp.

The good folks at Bally Corp. then purchased the Tropicana Casino. This was before there was any talk of a Las Vegas baseball team. Then, when the Oakland A’s wanted to move to Sin City and needed a stadium, the clever folks at Bally Corp. Offered their land on Las Vegas Boulevard. The problem? That’s where the Tropicana sits!

No worries, as Bally Corp. says there’s room for everyone. After wrapping up the deal to get the new ballpark on their land, they’ve decided to demolish the 66 year old Tropicana and build a brand new resort and casino. And what better name for the new Bally Corp property than Bally’s?

These plans were confirmed in a company memo’s last week. While addressing the question of what will happen to the current Tropicana Resort, the company stated: “The plan is for us to develop a new resort bearing the Bally’s name on the Las Vegas Strip.”

That seems pretty conclusive! So get ready to welcome the new Bally’s Las Vegas… probably sometime in 2027 or 2028.