Arc8 forms an exclusive partnership with BoomLand

The year 2023, indeed, seems to be starting on a very promissory note. The latest announcement is that Arc8 is forming an absolutely exclusive partnership with the very robust BoomLand. Incidentally, BoomLand has just about recently made the official release of their very latest game. Now, with this great partnership, we will witness Arc8 hosting an entire array of mega tournaments with a variety of one-of-its-kind rewards. Where both entities are concerned, this partnership will open the doors for a lot of future action and sheer excitement. 

For the uninitiated, Arc8 happens to be a single-point destination and is very actively involved with every aspect pertaining to action-oriented blockchain gaming tournaments. In this very situation, a connected player will find himself in the position of earning the GMEE token. There is also the vast opportunity of participating in various types of competitions for the further earning of rewards too. 

In the present moment in time, the co-founders of BoomBit are making their way towards entering the Web3 space with BoomLand, which happens to be a multi-game platform that has in its possession a list of six spectacular games. Where BoomBit is concerned, it has to its credit more than two hundred published games. 

Its very existence happens to be a decade old, and it aptly boasts of a higher figure than 1.5 billion downloads, which it is indeed very proud of.  

As per their plans, the initial introduction will be the game Hunters On-Chain; this happens to be a game having a royal battle. The end objective of every player, where this game is concerned, happens to be that of coming out right on top of all the competition and being crowned as the number one hunter. 

The hunters incidentally belong to forty classes, having their very own individual looks and attributes. They all happen to be NFTs, which simply implies that they will be owned by the competing players.  


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