5 Crypto Gifts For The Holiday Season

5 Crypto Gifts For The Holiday Season

Giving the gift of crypto can be rewarding for both the giver and receiver. Beyond its potential as a speculative instrument traded on an open market which many regulators have been openly combing through for the better part of a year, cryptocurrencies can have significant value in the digital space as a cryptographic key which unlocks features in one or several virtually existent ecosystems.

There are creative and alternative options for individuals to obtain and share crypto with others who may be on their gift list for the holiday seasons. So then what are some of the ways one would be able to give friends, family, loved ones, co-workers, employees or others cryptocurrency and crypto-related gift ideas?

Just Giving The Gift Of Crypto

The first and perhaps, most simple way to gift crypto is by simply giving the gift of crypto. Individuals can choose to purchase cryptocurrency outright on an exchange or platform which supports crypto purchases, and schedule them to be sent to the intended recipient thereafter.

While it may not be the prettiest package or the most sophisticated method of delivery in many cases, the gift of cryptocurrency is something that anyone could potentially draw benefit from for years to come. Giving crypto in its original form could assist in providing an educational scenario for friends, family or anyone else to begin looking into crypto and the blockchain perhaps for the first time ever, or with heightened curiosity and/or comprehension.

NFTs Or Other Alternative Instruments

Another way to give crypto could be in the form of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. Giving crypto as an NFT is literally simply a matter of conversion. Typical cryptocurrencies are fungible, or non-exclusive crypto assets. NFTs can be held by the recipient in order for them to benefit from some form of ecosystem function or associated use case depending on the platform. There are different NFTs which seek to deliver various user rewards or benefits.

NFT gifting can be yet another form of beginning or evolving crypto education. If an NFT that is gifted earns any form of crypto rewards due to being included in liquidity provision or other aspects of ecosystem support, that could mean the NFT recipient could benefit from ongoing yields well into the future upon receiving such a gift. That could be like receiving dividends based on company earnings of a stock that an individual holds for instance, which could also be a catalyst to one inquiring to learn more about the industry, while reaping the rewards of a one-time gift many times over.

Mining And Staking Related Gifts

Another crypto gift idea is a mining machine, also known as a rig. The gift of a cryptocurrency mining rig could be the start of passive earning potential that either someone already engaged in cryptocurrency mining or not could certainly use and benefit from for a potentially long time into the future. Many decentralized ecosystems make it simpler today than when crypto first surfaced almost 15 years ago, to become educated and also receive assistance and education in the mining process.

Token staking is another popular method of participating in a cryptocurrency validation and consensus model in exchange for passive regularly distributed rewards. Individuals looking to give an ongoing gift of crypto could also open staking positions for others with the intention of gifting them over the holidays. As always, there is a risk associated with all crypto trading and investing, so thorough research and full due diligence by the gifting party should be exercised.

Bitcoin And Crypto Gift Cards

Crypto gift cards have grown in popularity year over year. As cryptocurrency has become more heavily sought after and greater adopted by the public, both physical and digital crypto gift cards have become increasingly popular. Some crypto exchanges sell digitally produced cryptocurrency gift cards which can be sent to others via email or other electronic means.

Platforms such as BitCard® have operated for several years and perfected the Bitcoin gift cards proposition over their years in established business. BTC gift cards are available at physical retailers in some locations, as well as online to be produced and gifted digitally.

Giving a gift card fueled with crypto could even offer the recipient the opportunity to learn through the redemption process, of just how useful cryptocurrencies can be in the digital world to access many of the things they may already be using outside of the blockchain. Bitcoin and crypto gift cards can be a nice touch to any holiday celebration, with positive implications into the future for the recipient.

Giving A Crypto Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is another interesting and potentially exciting crypto gift idea. Whether the intended recipient is already in tune within the crypto space or not, giving the gift of a crypto wallet, with or without crypto already stored on it could be an amazing surprise for anyone to receive over the holiday season. It could also be yet another introductory lesson for anyone not yet involved actively in cryptocurrency use or trade as well.

With many different crypto wallets to choose from, the process of selection and preparing the gift presentation could be fun and interesting for anyone giving one as a gift this holiday season. The instances of virtual theft and the increased need for a great degree of intention, thought, planning and follow through in the aspect of security, have become increasingly prevalent over the years, with 2022 being an extremely tough year for hacks and breaches. Gifting a hardware crypto wallet could be a gift that not only brings a smile to the recipient’s face, but also provides a gateway into heightened security while engaging in the rapidly evolving digital plane.


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