What’s left for Bitcoin? Can Avorak integrate AI in the same way as Ordinals?

Bitcoin (BTC) and Avorak AI (AVRK) have caught the interest of many investors in 2023. And while there are positive sentiments, many wonder what the future looks like for these two digital assets.

Bitcoin Ordinals

The introduction of the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol has caused mixed feelings among the Bitcoin community members. Developed by Casey Rodarmor and launched in January 2023, this innovative protocol revolutionizes how individual Satoshis are tracked and transferred on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

Satoshis, the atomic units of Bitcoin, can now be identified and traded independently, enhancing the granularity and flexibility of transactions on the network. 100 million Satoshis comprise one Bitcoin (BTC). This new development paves the way for integrating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Bitcoin blockchain, as Satoshis can be associated with unique content. 

While Ordinals have attracted considerable interest, there are some concerns among certain community members regarding their potential impact on Bitcoin (BTC) adoption and network resources. Nonetheless, the Ordinals protocol is an intriguing advancement that opens up new possibilities for Bitcoin.

What is Avorak AI?

Avorak AI (AVRK) is an ecosystem of AI solutions. The platform’s interactive AI, AVA, encompasses various tools and functionalities, including data and security analysis, 3D modeling, command-line trading, chatbots, image creators, virtual assistants, and text generators. Avorak AI is built on the blockchain, which ensures scalability, efficiency, and enhanced security of transactions and user data.

Avorak’s solutions are first-to-the-market, enabling it to get ahead of the competition and provide its users with unmatched advantages. For example, while many AI image generators rely on image scraping, Avorak is pioneering a pure language-to-image process based on prebuilt and learned descriptors. This approach unlocks limitless potential for image output while maintaining ethical standards by avoiding copying existing works. Avorak’s text-generating AI is equally impressive, producing high-quality texts tailored to specific user requirements. Avorak achieves this by combining internet scraping with a pre-written language bank and plagiarism-detecting APIs to autocorrect and edit texts before displaying them to the querying user.

Avorak Write

The AVRK token facilitates access to the Avorak ecosystem and its solutions. AVRK also offers additional benefits, such as a share of Avorak AI (AVRK)’s profits. The Avorak AI initial coin offering (ICO) is in phase 7, selling AVRK at $0.255 and offering several benefits to investors. These benefits include on-top token bonuses, priority staking, and access to beta products. Several crypto analysts have expressed their interest in Avorak AI on Youtube, pointing to its uniqueness and competitive advantages.

Can Avorak integrate AI in the same way as BTC Ordinals?

Avorak has demonstrated its capability to integrate AI in innovative ways. For example, the platform has combined AI, blockchain, and unique digital art to create a one-of-a-kind NFT collection. The Avorak NFTs also provide several benefits to their holders, such as 50-250 free images per month for two years and a 50% discount on additional credits for life with Avorak Create.

Avorak’s expertise lies in providing advanced AI solutions, and its products showcase its proficiency in integrating AI to enhance various human-led processes. With its forward-thinking approach and dedication to technological advancements, Avorak may explore more avenues that leverage AI and blockchain technology in novel ways, expanding its capabilities and functionalities.

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