ST HeadSTart: Do you feel guilty for taking leave? | Things to know before selling your flat for a profit

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Do you ever feel guilty when you take leave? View taking a break as being responsible for your own well-being, says journalist Tay Hong Yi. You can also find comfort in the knowledge that employers often plan their staffing needs around the number of productive work days an employee is likely to have, with leeway for absences, to begin with. 

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If you’re thinking of selling your flat for a profit, be mindful that not all properties are equal. Consider your lifestyle expectation and not just the money before you jump onto the “upgrading” bandwagon to buy a smaller and pricier private home, says Invest editor Tan Ooi Boon. 

You’ve probably heard about ChatGPT, the latest artificial intelligence tool that is able to generate high-quality text indistinguishable from those written by humans. Associate editor Vikram Khanna has a conversation with the chatbot about various topics, including the potential to disrupt certain professions. 

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