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Security Breach: Latest Ransomware Attacks Educate, then Humiliate

One of the on-going topics that we cover here on Security Breach is ransomware attacks. The risk of continually discussing a topic is that it can become like white noise – always present, but in the background and potentially easier to dismiss.

Well, if that’s the case, recent findings from Dragos 2022 Cybersecurity Year in Review report should help to re-orient your perspective. The report indicates that ransomware attacks against industrial organizations increased 87 percent last year, and over 70 percent of all ransomware attacks were directed towards manufacturers.  And Dragos is forecasting that 2023 will see more new ransomware groups materialize.

Joining us to discuss some of the new concerns (Ransom House), and solutions, surrounding ransomware attacks is Wil Klusovsky, Avertium’s Chief Security Architect. Avertium is a leading provider of cybersecurity strategy, response and compliance solutions.

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