False signals, and need for trans-Pacific shared civilization

Most of the world suffers from a combination of recession and inflation. This is true despite unsophisticated readings of so-called growth statistics (really spending stats) showing sometimes negative and sometimes meager upside numbers. 

To my mind, this is the case certainly for the US and China, which are now and have been for much of the time since both governments instituted the draconian policies of shutdowns, lockdowns, and experimental quasi-medical, partly political research, all adding up to spending that signifies negative real national utility but only rarely, if at all, “good” growth numbers.

About 70 different varieties of mushrooms glow in the dark with a cold light that chemically (the enzyme is called luciferase) is very much like the light produced by fireflies. However much a venturesome hiker walking through the woods on a romantic midnight stroll might be tempted to pick and eat one of these luminescent temptations, Omphalotus olearius, called the jack-o’-lantern, the one that looks and even smells like the famous chanterelle variety, would make a fatal mistake: It is deadly poisonous.


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