Reverse the charges: Kia looks to send electricity back to the grid

If it is really true that it’s better to give than to receive, Kia is on the right track. The Korean company has announced a trio of “smart technologies” for some of its electric vehicles, starting with the new EV9. One...


Can This THORChain New Feature Push Back RUNE Bears?

THORChain, a decentralized exchange and one of the liquid decentralized finance protocols by total value locked, plans to release “Lending” in 2023.  It is a feature THORChain says will complete their THORFi ecosystem. However, amid this development and community anticipation,...


NASA's Moon Rocket $6B Over Budget

Nobody ever said getting to the Moon was cheap but NASA’s work on the upcoming Artemis missions has blasted past the agency’s cost estimates.NASA is adapting heritage hardware from its Space Shuttle era, including solid rocket boosters and RS-25 rocket...

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